Fare : additionnal information

Fare : additionnal information

TAXI VAL D’IS, we offer you single fare services :
– no extra charge for luggage, skis/snowboards, motorway-toll, baby-seats and booster seats.
– no extra charge at night and on holidays

We don’t charge you for the waiting time in case of train or plane delay.

Information about baby-seats and booster-seats :

Max 13 kg : Group 0 and 0+ seats : nacelles or shells. It’s compulsory to be able to turn them backward (up to 9 kg.). In case of long journeys (more than 1.30 hours) the nacelle (a shockproof cradle set parallel to the back of the rear seat and fixed with straps to the safety-belt anchor-points) enables infants to remain lying. Be careful : never put a baby close to an airbag, unless you can disconnect it.

From 9 to 18 kg. : Group 1 seats turned forward, with a harness (bucket seat). They are fixed to the anchor-points of the middle seat.

From 15 to 25 kg. : Group 2 seats : booster-seats with backs, side pads and sometimes harnesses which enable children to be held by the safety belts.

From 22 to 36 kg. : Group 3 seats, simple booster seats.